The Dodo Burger Story

Last month we shared the story of Dodo Pizza. In the early days of Dodo, owners Chris and Leo were locked in a heated debate over what the world’s best beer food is. As you now know, Chris backed the burger, while Leo’s passion for pizza led to a eureka moment in Naples.

We’ve been proudly serving our Neapolitan pizzas ever since. But that, of course, is only one half of the bigger Dodo food picture. We’ve done a lot of research* and we’ve come to the conclusion that both pizzas and burgers deserve prime position on the beer food podium – and therefore on our menu. It’s a fact of life: sometimes you just can’t beat a burger and beer with good company.

We’ve spent years honing our recipe, and we grind all of our burgers in house. This is extremely important to us. We do it so that we know exactly what goes into them – there’s nothing in our burgers that shouldn’t be there. It also means that we’re allowed to serve them pink, the way they should be served. And we use a secret ratio of 28-day aged chuck and rib to ensure our burgers are double tasty.

Our pursuit of absolute burger perfection isn’t over – even now we’re making tweaks and learning new tricks. But we’ve figured a few things out over the years, and what you see on the menu nowadays is just what we think a burger should be: honest, delicious, and crying out to be consumed with a pint or two.

Want to put our burgers to the test? Drop in to any of the pubs on a Monday and grab one for half price!

*Yes, by “research” we mean eating many burgers and drinking a lot of beer.

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