Drag yourself out of bed by noon, get 25% off brunch

We’ve been feeling a little guilty* lately about how many hangovers we may or may not have been responsible for over the years, so we’ve decided to give a little something back to those of you who are suffering the morning after the night before.

We all know the best way to beat a hangover is with brunch**… so members of our HANGOVER CLUB now get 25% off brunch before noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holiday Mondays.

How do I join this wonderful, wonderful club? we hear you ask. Well, it’s simple: just enter your email address in the signup form; you’ll get a confirmation email from us. Show your confirmation email at the bar to collect your card, and voila! You’re in the club.

Now all you have to do is drag yourself out of bed before noon…


*Not at all guilty.

**Trust us, if a bottomless Bloody Mary and a Boss Man (that’s Kelmscott sausage + dry cured bacon + black pud + portobello mushroom + roast tomato + beans + hash browns + sourdough toast + eggs) doesn’t sort you out, nothing will.

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