Cheltenham Jazz Fest at the Bottle of Sauce!!

Well, it happened: the Bottle of Sauce’s very first Cheltenham Jazz Festival weekend!

We hosted two days of events at the Bottle, and from the rousing sounds of the legendary Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band on Friday night to the jazz, blues, and booze-infused bliss that was Saturday, we loved every minute.

There was music (oh, there was music). There were dangerously delicious New Orleans-inspired cocktails. There were po’boys. There was more music. Particular highlights included the Kansas Smitty’s House Band, a DJ set from Cat in the Hat, and the indescribably delightful experience that was Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, complete with tie-dye T-shirts, playing nineties club classics in the style of a New Orleans funeral procession.

Some of us are still nursing our tender heads – the telltale sign of a successful party – but we’ll leave you with this video of Mr Wilson’s Second Liners doing their thing to induce envy amongst those of you who didn’t make it out and nostalgia in those of you who did…

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