NYE 2017: What were you wearing when the police raided the Rusty?

Picture, if you will, an alternate reality. It’s New Year’s Eve, 2017. A gaggle of colourful eccentrics, correspondingly attired, are having a booze-drenched lock-in. Little do they know, the police are closing in. Imagine our eccentrics’ surprise when the doors are kicked open, and their secrets are revealed…

What’s the funniest, most outlandish, most outrageous thing you can imagine yourself wearing in that situation? Well, put it on, and pop down to the Rusty for a madcap New Year’s Eve celebration on Sunday 31st December, from 7pm – late. Recreate our boozy, bizarre lock-in, with treats at midnight for all revellers, a mugshot photo booth, and DJs playing tunes all night long. We promise it’ll be crazy weird and crazy fun.

Get your tickets from the bar, and get them quick: a limited number of earlybird tickets will be sold at £10; standard entry £15.

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