Week 1 of our #PhoneAmnesty went down a treat, will you be joining us next Tuesday to banish those phones once again?


You may have heard that Dodo have a new way in which we do Tuesday evenings, it involves switching your phone off, sealing it in an envelope and experiencing some real life conversation. Depending on how long you last, we’ll give you 5, 10 or 15 percent off your final bill depending on how many hours you’ve lasted.



Although this discount is great, oh so great – we want to stress that this isn’t technically a promotion but more so a social experiment, we’d love for you all to come in and take part!


With #ScrollFreeSeptember being a big topic at the mo, we’ve received a lot of great press over the past couple of days for Phone Amnesty. Check out the love below…


BBC Gloucestershire


The Oxford Mail

Read the story here.


We even got a primetime spot on the BBC News as well…


(If Nick Owen thinks it’s a good idea, we’re definitely doing something right!)


Join us next Tuesday from 5 for another evening of Phone Amnesty. We’ve received some great feedback from customers who said it was ‘refreshing’ to put their devices away for a few hours, let’s see how long you can last.