It’s time to get science-y

This week we’ve got an array of science-based events coming your way that aren’t to be missed!


Join in this creative evening of invention and imagination with brilliant blockbuilder Ben Still. Once you learn the construction rules of nature you can be the architect of your own universe, assembling atoms both familiar and exotic. What will your uranium look like? Can you build the entire periodic table? Grab a drink and some LEGO® and let the fun commence.


A Pigeon Flu pandemic is imminent and only Patient Zero can provide the cure. Anonymised medical statistics and Open- Source Intelligence are at your disposal but can you track down the patient in time and prevent the outbreak?


We’ve got two slots available:

Workshops kindly provided by QA.


Step into the time vortex and pay homage to your favourite doctors with a time travelling Dr Who rave. With out of these world visuals and DJ Echo Juliet throwing down samples of daleks, ravers can don doctor or villain masks, take photos with life-size cut-outs and dance the night away to time-travelling house and disco as well as feelgood funk, afro and latin grooves.

Kick off at 8 in our canteen (The Tardis) all the way through ’til 1am!

Dr Who themed dress-up encouraged with free booze for the most creative costumes.


Do you love a pub quiz but find facthoarding a chore? Want to get quizzical without the competitive bravado? Join puzzle-mad mathematicians Katie Steckles and Ben Sparks for a brain-teasing selection of mathematical puzzles to tickle the grey cells. With plenty of hints and clues if you need them, this is the light hearted Sunday activity you might have been looking for.

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