We thought we’d give you a little insight into our suppliers and who we source all of the good stuff from! From burgers to sausages, here’s a list of some of Dodo’s friends.


H.G Walter supply us with our beef patties. Unquestionably, the most important part in being able to serve the best beef burger money can buy, is the meat.  We are 100% confident we are doing just that.

H.G. Walter, loacted on the edge of London, value tradition, simplicity and quality. They are Londons ‘go to’ butcher for many of Londons top chefs.  They source the meat from small, passionate British farmers who use traditional free-range farming methods.  Each animal is hand picked for its fat content and marbling.

The beef in our burgers is from a grass-fed Aberdeen Angus cross breed, reared on a small number of farms along the Ayreshire coast in Scotland.

There are only two different cuts in our patties – chuck and rib – both prime cuts.  The fat content of our patties is around 15% to help retain moisture whilst cooking.


We have worked with Chris and the team at Kelmscott Farm in the Cotswolds since 2011 when we the Rickety was a serious gastro pub. But even since we introduced our new pizza menu and our fabulous burgers in the form of Dodo Pubs, we have stuck with them and buy all of our delicious free range pork from the farm.

The Gloucester style sausages are out of this world, the bacon is of the highest quality with absolutely no added water and his chorizo is what makes our Chorizo picante pizza stand out from the rest.


You would be surprised how much oil a restaurant uses on a weekly basis.  We use around 80 litres at each of our pubs. Don’t worry, only a small amount of this actually gets consumed by our lovely customers!

Our friend Charlie from Cotswold Gold in the Cotswolds produces the finest British oil you can get your hands on – infact Raymond Blanc, Oxfords king of cookery will back me up on this one!

The rapeseed is grown in the fields around Broadway, then is made using only traditional cold pressing methods, preserving the natural health benefits of the seed – creating an oil natuarally high in vitamin E, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 and much lower in cholesterol than standard veg oil.

The first secret to our superior fries is we hand cut fresh and do em’ ourselves.  The second secret is the oil we cook them in. The cats out the bag!

Of course, we filter our oil daily to get as much longevity out of it, but when used, it gets collected and re-cycled in bio-diesel!