This February, we’re talking about our proudest invention, our bread and butter, our BURGERS.

Not to toot our our own horn but our burgers are often quoted as best in the city so we wanted to showcase how we make our burgers and how much love goes into them. We’re gonna be talking about our suppliers, ingredients and the people behind the kitchen door. So sit tight, lick your lips and #LetsTalkAboutBurgers.

You may or not know that our ingredients are fresh, sourced locally and are full of goodness. Form the free range chicken in our Dirty Bird burger to the Nduja Relish in our Big D, we’re all about sourcing the best quality ingredients to produce the most delicious burgers. While there are many ingredients we make in-house, we do still need to rely on our friends to help us out sometimes…

HG Walter hand press our burger patties to our own Dodo requests using high quality cuts of aged rib cap meat grass from fed cattle reared in Ayreshire… Yum! The meat is passed through the grinder twice to give you a certain texture and have a perfect fat ratio for ultimate flavour and texture.

Sandwiching the patties comes our tasty burger buns. Dodo allies Hobbs House Bakery supply us with our soft buns that again are a very top secret Dodo blend to make the perfect and most moist buns.

You can see our full list of suppliers here.