Hi there, before getting into the topic that’s on the tip of everybody’s tongues, we want to take this opportunity to thank you, friends of Dodo for continuing to eat, drink and socialise with us during these quite frankly rubbish and peculiar times. We are a small independent business that relies on being busy… so your continued support means the world to us now and over the next few months.

As of today, we’ve decided to go cashless until further notice. It is our absolute priority to keep all of you, our staff and our business as healthy as can be over the coming months. Therefore we will no longer be accepting cash payments for the foreseeable future; as a hygiene measure that should benefit all.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to let you know how seriously we take hygiene – not just now but always. We are taking additional measures by asking all staff to wash/sanitise their hands on arrival at work and then every fifteen minutes thereafter.

In the interest of this collected effort we also kindly ask that you scrub or sanitise your own hands before making a purchase at the bar. This way we can keep everything squeaky clean in the coming weeks.

Finally, as a nod of appreciation to all the NHS staff putting in the extra hours in the coming months, we want to give 10% off your individual bill; the least we can do for our community caretakers.