Hi guys.

What a crazy few months it’s been. Utterly crazy. From the uncertain times at the beginning of lockdown to raising £17,000 on Crowdfunder, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions.

The amount of support that all of our customers and friends have shown towards us during this experience has been outstanding. Together, you have shown a strong solidarity towards an independent business which without, we probably wouldn’t have made it through.

We were very unsure at the beginning how things would turn out for us and our staff. But thankfully, you guys have been there for us every single step of the way… we know we’ve thanked you a million times already but a billion times more still would not be enough.

We’re now in the process of preparing to reopen from this Saturday at 12pm. Things are going to be different for a while but we know this ‘new normal’ will still be outrageously Dodo. We will be going into detail about our new Dodo procedures this week including strict safety measures.

We honestly cannot wait to catch up with you all this week, its been far too long.

Carry on being safe and let’s have a pint together on Saturday.

Dodo x