We’re a big believer in whatever the question❓… ‘Pizza is the answer’ but if you have the specific social/table talker questions in mind, it’s probably best to scroll down to the bottom of the page👇

Otherwise… howdy pizza lovers!
We know you’re keen to find out more about our Dodo pizzas and our fave (the 👑
Queen of pizzas) The Dodo Neapolitan Margherita.


FIRSTLY, Not all pizzas are created equal

There are many styles of pizza… New York, Romana, Deep pan, Detroit but we love one style of pizza a LOT more than any other and that’s Neapolitan pizza from Naples in Italy. 

Naples map - pizza region

Dodo pizza is a ‘kinda’ Neapolitan pizza.

We say ‘kinda’ because the Neapolitans are incredibly strict on the definition of a Neapolitan pizza, from the tomatoes having to be grown on the side of Mount Vesuvius to the diameter being not a fraction larger than 35cm👀.. Well we don’t think we need to be quite this strict to create absolutely delish pizza – but we do a pretty good job of following the main principles.


  • Dodo & Neapolitan pizza have a thick, speckly outer crust & thin base. 
  • Dodo & Neapolitan pizza are all about dough (Neapolitan peeps are crust obsessed and so are we!) 
  • Dodo & Neapolitan Pizza are cooked in a wood fired oven at 450C / 500C 🔥
  • Dodo & Neapolitan toppings are always fresh and full of flavour 🤤

^ just look at that lovely speckly crust ❤️


We love our crust.❤️ Our chefs take great pride in their ‘dough-nership’ and are committed understanding every last detail from the ‘Why’ to the ‘how’ to the when of the dough.. like true Neapolitans!

Cross section pizza crust

And all of this is achieved with just 4 ingredients.. Seriously, that’s all it needs.

     1. ‘00’ flour – super finely ground with a very high level of protein.

     2. Water.

     3. Yeast.. of the fresh variety.

     4. Salt. 

🤓 🍕FUN FACT: Our 1.2 tonne ovens are shipped over from Italy, well where else? We use sustainably sourced, kiln dried wood to blast our ovens up to as high as 500c. The result is a scorched leapord-spotted and crispy crust on the outside, yet soft, chewy and structured in the middle.

Margherita Pizza

INtroducing.. the queeN👑

We believe the Neapolitan Margherita REALLY should be up there with the Seven Wonders of the World.

The 4 ingredients marry in perfect harmony creating the perfect meal for any time of the day (but particularly good at lunch) The Margherita truly is the Queen of pizzas.

So, we hear you ask, WHAT MAKES A GOOD MARG?🍕

1. 🧑‍🍳 A Good ‘n proper dough ball 🧑‍🍳 – Goes without saying! As we know, the most important part of the pizza. A neatly opened 48hr dough ball.
2. 🍅 Tomatoes 🍅 – Our tomatoes are from Italy, because tomatoes love sun ☀️ and let’s face it, they get a lot more of it over there! 🤷 We simply ‘crush’ the tomatoes and add a little posh salt.
3. 🧀 Fior di Latte 🧀 – A kind of mozzarella, actually it’s a cow’s milk mozzarella. We buy this from a British farm because we found it’s just as good as the Italian stuff.
4. 🌱 Fresh basil 🌱 – The ‘icing on the cake’ (not literally as that
wouldn’t be good). Basil brings a perfect harmony of flavour when combined with the tomato, cheese and the baked crust.



🙄..listen to us banging on about pizza.
And the best news is you can ENJOY our 👑Queen of Pizza👑 for only £5 at all Dodo Pubs knowing how much work and care goes into it from dough to delish.

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And the answers are…  

  1. Italia 🇮🇹
  2. 2. 48 hours 🍕
  3. 3. Only 4!

How’d you do?! Are you a pizza know-it-all too? 🤓 🍕