This is not an April Fools! We actually have FOUR all new Dodo pizzas to share with you lovely people.

But you didn’t come here for me to ramble on at you…

Here’s the low-down on the all 🆕 Dodo Pizzas👇

Del Popolo 🐟

Put simply… its bloody gorgeous and it is super authentic.

Ft. Anchovies, Capers, Black Olives! There are some big bold flavours there. But they meddle beautifully with the sweet Tomato Base and the creamy Fior Di Latte to create something awesome.

Salami get this straight 🍕

So this one isn’t entirely new, it’s a reincarnation of a favourite of ours that’s been missing from the menu for a while… but tweaked slightly to suit the warmer weather ☀️ that’s gonna be with us very soon!Featuring… Napoli Salami, Tomato Base, Fior Di Latte, Fresh Rocket & Parmesan!

Silly Salsiccia 🤪

The silly one will be added to our menu from April Fool’s Day; but to be honest… it’s a serious pizza; a seriously GOOD pizza.😍

Featuring… White Base (Yup), Fennel Sausage, Friarielli, Fior Di Latte & Pickled Red Chillies.

Wait… white base? (Yup!) White base is an alternative to a tomato base! There are many different ways of creating one, however the Silly Salsiccia will feature a cream based white base with a touch of parmesan, garlic, squeeze of lemon and cracked pepper.

Sloppy Napoli 🐮

We finally have a beef option on the pizza! The Sloppy Napoli is surprisingly light and when the ‘Genovese’ Ragu, (which, despite it’s name, actually originates from Naples) is combined with our tomato base & Fior Di Latte; it is rich, deep in flavour and a special new addition to the menu.🤤

So what d’ya think?
We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new pizzas and which is your new favourite!

Check out the rest of the menu here & get yourself down to your local.

Available from 1st April 2022.