Refer a Friend to Dodo Works + get 15% of their first month off your next invoice.

We at Dodo Works are looking to build our community of like-minded folks such as yourselves & we thought who better to find these ‘go-getters’ than our marvellous Members!

So…in exchange for a new member or two, we want to give you a discount off your next Invoice WORTH 15% of any referral’s first month’s bill at Dodo Works. 

All you have to do is… 

1️⃣ – Refer a friend(s) to try out Dodo Works on a trial day (contact James to arrange).

2️⃣ – Your Referral signs up to become a Dodo Works Member.

3️⃣ – You will be rewarded with a discount on your next Invoice (15% of their 1st month’s bill discounted from your next invoice)

Please contact James Punch, Community Manager, for further information, any questions and terms and conditions associated with this offer at

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