about our teams

We’re always looking for new people to join the Dodo Pub Co team. We employ people for character before skill, but if you have both thats even better. 

In our experience what matters is the kind of person you are, not how long and fancy your CV is or that you got a 10 million A-levels. So if you think you personality would fit with Dodo and you’re always keen to get stuck in; get in touch!

Why dod0

We believe finding the right balance in life is key to loving what you do and who you do it with. At Dodo we work to live… not live to work. 

We also throw a massive annual party to say a big Thank You to all of our staff, as well as a whole host of day to day perks. 

It sounds cheesy, but sometimes there’s no better way to say these kind of things!

We work together day-in-day-out and are dedicated to employing people who work together well. Our Dodo Crews stick together and it makes for a great working atmosphere. 

We understand (and actively encourage) that you have a life outside of Dodo, so we offer super flexible contracts to suit you.

So if you’re a student or a working parent, we got you! 

Whether you join us a Kitchen Assistant with ambitions of becoming a Head Chef or as Bar Staff looking to end up as a General Manager running your own pub – we offer development and progression opportunities for those who want it! 

There’s many perks that come with joining the Dodo Team. These include:

  • Dodo Unity Fund (to fund loads of fun days and parties for our teams)
  • 100% of tips are shared amongst our team (unlike large restaurant chains)
  • Team canteen when at work
  • ‘Dine @ Dodo’ – bring 3 mates once a month and we’ll pay your food bill 
  • Pension scheme options 
  • Great work/life balance
  • A big annual Dodo Party!

For most of our jobs, we don’t actually require any hospitality experience and will provide all training necessary. 

All we’re really looking for is enthusiasm, a can-do attitude and great team working skills. 

Our roles


Our members of bar staff are on the front line of the pubs. The job is all  about people, and you’ll be establishing and nurturing relationships with  longtime locals as well as newcomers. You’ll also need to be there to sup 

port your managers in the day-to-day operations of the pub. We want our  bar staff to be excited about working with us at Dodo, but most importantly,  to take pride in what they do and be eager to learn the ropes.

Our supervisors are on the up, responsible for supporting the general manager and assistant general manager in the day-to-day running of the pub.  Supervisors are in a leadership position, taking responsibility for train 

ing and development of staff and acting as role models. To be a supervisor,  you’ll need to be highly motivated, organised, and, most importantly, excited  about getting stuck in at the deep end of the business!

Assistant general managers are legends in training, supporting the general manager and stepping up to take responsibility for things in the absence  of the GM. To be an assistant general manager you’ll need to be passionate,  organised, and have great people skills, with the ability to inspire a team  by example – and you’ll need to really get the unique neighbourhood vibe of  your pub and be committed to fostering and maintaining it.

The general manager is the public face of the pub they run. They’re responsible for all day-to-day operations, so our GMs are top-notch communicators,  inspiring leaders, problem-solvers under pressure, and they can get on with  damn near anyone. They also tend to have a wealth of hospitality experience  and an understanding of both front and back of house, as well as a good head  for the figures. They’re essentially legends of the pub world!


Kitchen assistants (KAs) support our chefs in the successful day-to-day operation of the kitchen, assisting with preparation of food as well as service. Our KAs are key to the whole operation; they’re reliable, motivated,  

and excited about working in a busy kitchen, with an interest in food and a  desire to learn on the job.

Chefs are responsible for assisting the senior chefs and head chef in the  day-to-day operations of the kitchen. You’ll need to be able to handle the  heat: our chefs are team players who remain calm under pressure and are  committed to maintaining high standards in the kitchen. You’ll also be as excited about good food as we are, with some skills and experience and a desire to learn more.

Senior chefs are responsible for supporting the head chef in managing the  day-to-day operations of the kitchen, ready to step in and step up at any  given moment. As the leaders of tomorrow, our senior chefs must be calm  

under pressure, have excellent people skills, and, naturally, a love of good  food and a commitment to maintaining high standards in the kitchen.

The Head Chef is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the kitchen in its entirety. It goes without saying that our head chefs love good food and  know their stuff inside and out, but the job isn’t all chopping and frying – they’re as confident managing people as they are in the kitchen, with excellent leadership and organisational skills, experience in training and team  development, and a commitment to maintaining high food quality and safety standards.