Uncorked – Spoken Word Poetry & Music

Join us for a night of spoken word, poetry & live music 🎉

We’ve teamed up with Raggedy Man Productions to showcase some fab talent!


Professor Elemental

With a career spanning a decade, Professor Elemental first got noticed with ‘Cup Of Brown Joy’ which notched up over two million views and headlines in the national press. This was soon followed by a scuffle with another rapper named Mr B, resulting in the follow up ‘Fighting Trousers’ which has been viewed over three million times and gained worldwide acclaim.

Thee Poet Unhinged

Chris Gage, aka ‘Thee Poet Unhinged’, is a poet, spoken word performer, artist and musician, originally from London and has been dubbed “Cheltenham’s Bukowski” (by the Director of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Anna Saunders), for his raw, self-analytical and sometimes uncomfortably honest confessional style.

Heeks and The Beat

Heeks and the Beat are a Rock and Roll trio from Cheltenham. Isaac Heeks (on bass and vocals) and Armin Mayer (on drums and charisma) have played in a couple of bands over the years together and apart. They soon realized that if they were to get anywhere they would need to fashion a Will. And so Will Mawer (on guitar) appeared in a puff of denim. Thus they hammered out a beat and played some songs… The very same songs they’ll sing to you.

Tim Drywood

 One of the great pub poets of Cheltenham, Tim’s back catalogue of perfect pamplets and books drip with his dry wit and occasionally sardonic views of the world, which provide an interesting commentary on the mundanity, the occasionally ridiculous and amusing aspects of the routine of life.

Tickets available online – https://www.designmynight.com/uk/pubs/the-bottle-of-sauce/uncorked-1