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Our beer is brewed for us and is unique to us; thats right you won’t find it elsewhere. Check out our Dodo Larger if your after that classic easy drinking taste. Our Dodo American Pale, is the one if you’re looking for something more Crafty, made with Mosaic Hops its got that citrus punch. If you’re looking for Ale, try the craft ale made with lemony pilot hops, ticking the box for the ardent Ale drink and those after a darker larger. Finally, our Dodo Black is our full bodied stout mourish, smooth and creamy to taste. 

Hold on? What the cuss is Neo-Neapolitian?

Well It’s our take on the Neapolitan style, taking inspiration from the iconic and strictly protected Neapolitan pizza dough style, but adapting the recipe and ingredients to suit both our climate and ingredients here in the uk. 

We source the best ingredients, closest to home. This means if the best is in Napoli thats where it’ll come from, but if we can get Mozzarella or flour of the same quality closer to home then we will.

Like with Classic Neapolitan pizza, our dough is made of 4 ingredients (flour, salt water, yeast) and is slow risen for no less than 48hrs, to ensure maximum flavour, before blast cooking in our wood fired ovens for no more that 90 seconds at 400c.

If it’s your first time eating Dodo Pizza you’ve gotta start with a classic Margherita, as it’s the bench mark of a great pizza. Following that this is where we deviate from the classic Neapolitan toppings and go big of flavour. Don’t forget to order our Garlic dip for dunking those incredible crusts that took 48hrs to make.


The Dodo Burger is 10 years in the making and we won’t be stopping anytime soon. In our mind the perfect Burger, cooked American style on a plancha grill until pink (let us know if you’d like it well done), but with a European style patty; best of both worlds. 

Check out our menu for other styles too as we’re constantly rotating favourites like the Mushroom Man (deep fried breaded cheesy mushroom goodness), The Dirty Bird (the Ultimate Chicken Burger and the Leaf not Beef ( our latest and best rendition of a vegan burger).

Keep your eyes peeled for the monthly collaborations as well, as there are some mouth watering treats that come and go if your not on it.